Guilty pleasure

Hes my guilty pleasure or rather they are my guilty pleasure

I pop up on my gram and i end up seeing them tagging each other on stories, yea ik i got a man now but he’s creeps up on me at my most vulnerable moments when ive let all my guards down😭and im trynna move on. Now he says she’s hes everything my heart just sunk and ached for some reason

During our time together thats all i ever wanted to hear (sniffs) and now i hate that im crying over a nigga who never cared.

Yea i admit that i miss his gangsta ass sometimes but what can i do except that and agree i was never the one. 

I hope he makes her happy though i have no hard feelings towards either of them even as i get chills just seeing them together. And maybe I’ll learn to grow past all this💔


Just on one of my lazy days

I was feeling i had finally found my peace

Scrolling through my phone app from app😂😂the memes make me happy

“Argh all this apps suck now”. Instagram is is my last stop

Goosebumps creep on me, the memories they all flood my mind

My eyes are already watery, what did i ever do to deserve this😭😭

On my screen was a photo of her, the girl he chose over me on his story.

Yea she’s pretty atleast 🤔but i cant still wrap my head to the idea its all over and im not his 😥and he ain’t mine anymore.

It was only two weeks after hed told me we’d work on us😣now he’s thrown everything into the ocean i have no tears to cry anymore. The sleepless nights i spent were all useless.

Its been over 3 months now i just started dating i don’t know if i made the right decision to get into another while im still hurting from my previous.